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Vermiculite Ceilings and Asbestos

Rumours abound on renovation forums about vermiculite ceilings containing asbestos. It is true that some vermiculite ceilings do contain asbestos – but very often they don’t. In fact, the vast majority of ceilings that we resurface have no asbestos detected (NAD) on their laboratory asbestos test reports.

How do I know if my vermiculite ceiling contains asbestos?

The only way to know if a vermiculite ceiling contains asbestos or not is through an inexpensive laboratory test. Texture samples need to be sent to a laboratory where the sample can be analysed with the specified NATA testing method. 

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All ceilings need a lab report prior to commencement of resurfacing works. Often strata asbestos registers are indicative only and cannot be relied upon as a definitive result.

Vermiculite is a natural substance

The product used in popcorn ceilings is called vermiculite and is actually a natural substance found in environments where asbestos is also sourced. Even though the majority of vermiculite ceilings don’t contain asbestos, occasionally vermiculite has been contaminated. Thus, all vermiculite ceilings need to be tested for asbestos content prior to commencement of any works.

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