False Ceilings
False Ceilings

Are false ceilings a good way to remove textured ceilings?

Building false ceilings is an old method used to hide popcorn ceilings, resulting in a smooth ceiling at a slightly lowered ceiling height.

Generally 4-5 centimetres of ceiling height is lost and up to 10 centimetres can be lost if you want to have down lights installed.  You need to acquire approval from your body corporate or strata management first before a false ceiling can be installed.

False ceilings are typically finished to an industry standard of 4, meaning that under normal daytime conditions (not including early morning, late afternoon or times when the lights are on) you shouldn’t see the plastered joints or screw patches.

Keep in mind too that lowering your ceiling height will make your home feel smaller. It’s amazing how only a few centimetres can effect how spacious your home feels. In addition, Australian building codes dictate that habitable areas require a minimum height of 2400mm (2.4m). Anything less than this may cause compliance issues when it comes time to sell.

Resurfacing your ceiling has advantages over false ceilings

There are many benefits to getting your popcorn ceiling resurfaced rather than hidden by installing a false ceiling. These include:

  • A higher quality finish: Our ceiling resurfacing results in an industry level 5 finish, which looks smoother with less texture variations over a larger range of lighting conditions. This finish is considered the highest quality of ceiling attainable. There are no joints or screw hole patches to be seen anywhere!
  • No loss of ceiling height: As no structure is built below the existing ceiling, you get to keep your existing ceiling height. This makes your home feel so much bigger, creating a feeling of spaciousness, enhanced by that clean, smooth and modern ceiling surface!
  • No need to get strata approval: Because we aren’t installing a new structural component, no approvals are needed from your body corporate! Resurfacing the existing ceiling texture in internal areas is simply classified as part of the painting preparation, and since owners are not required to seek approval to prepare for painting and preparation, it saves you the often painful and drawn out process of having to deal with the body corporate.
  • Better value: ‘You get what you pay for’ is generally true for all finishing trades… and particularly for ceilings! When it comes to installing a false ceiling, the cheapest may also be the riskiest. By contrast, having your ceiling resurfaced will most likely cost less than a reliable false ceiling installation and our ceiling resurfacing always results in a higher quality finish.
  • Faster and quieter: An average sized unit can be resurfaced and ready to paint in as little as 2 days. You won’t be upsetting all your neighbours either, as textured ceiling removal involves no noisy hammering and drilling into concrete that reverberates through the building. 

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NATA accredited

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