Painting Over a Textured Ceiling

A good or bad idea?

Painting Over a Textured Ceiling

A good or bad idea?

Resurfacing verse painting over textured ceilings

Vermiculite ceilings in their raw form are usually a depressing grey or beige colour that seems to suck the light out of the room, making the ceiling feel like it is closing in on you! 

If you have ever tried brushing something of a textured vermiculite ceiling, you would be well aware of the feeling of sand in your face. Cobwebs, dust and cockroach egg sacks are all synonymous with “popcorn ceilings”.

What happens when painting an old popcorn ceiling

Painting at least gets the dull brown looking a bit fresher. Keep in mind though, that painting over textured ceilings is no easy task – even for experienced painters! Vermiculite is like a big sponge that sucks the paint in and in and in, costing you more paint and money! In fact, an enormous amount of paint can be absorbed and can create a patchy finish. That is why many painters don’t even consider painting it!

Don’t even mention trying to repair or match damaged sections of a popcorn ceiling. Attempting to match the texture when performing a repair almost always results in a less than desirable result.

Why choose ceiling resurfacing instead of painting

On the other hand, once a ceiling has been resurfaced, it can easily be painted just like any new plaster ceiling! Simply seal it and paint it! Repairs to a resurfaced ceiling are a cinch for any painter/plasterer/handyman – they just have to patch and paint.

Resurfacing doesn’t simply change the colour of that 70’s look, it completely transforms the entire feel of your home into a modern space lover.

Why cover it when you can remove it?

Thinking of painting your popcorn ceiling? Why not get a free quote to remove it first?

Or alternatively call us on 1300 223 443! We’d be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about ceiling resurfacing.

Results that speak for themselves

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