How Does VermicuHIDE® Work

VermicuHIDE® is our trademarked premium resurfacing system that employs ultra-lightweight and super low shrinkage plaster compounds that are applied at very high pressure over the existing textured ceiling. The unique properties of these compounds minimise the stress on the existing vermiculite coating. 

VermicuHIDE® is a proprietary multi-step process that results in the highest possible quality finish of any ceiling! The surface once completed is superior and smoother than a brand new plasterboard ceiling. Experienced painters regularly describe the finish as the best they have ever painted.

How vermiculite ceilings are removed

The image above shows how you enjoy a smooth and modern ceiling, while there is no sacrificing of the sound proofing and fire rating properties of the original vermiculite!

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Results that speak for themselves

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Before After
Before After

The Problem with Traditional Fixes

Traditional method of hiding Vermiculite ceilings

False Ceilings

One solution has been to build a false or lowered ceiling underneath. This, though, has significant drawbacks, as several centimetres of ceiling height is lost, making your home feel even smaller. In addition, building a dropped ceiling also requires time-consuming strata approval and often the costly hire of a crane to get the plasterboard inside. Some choose to get a plasterer to skim over the bumps, but this can add significant weight and tension to the existing texture, thus the risk of de-lamination. Scraping off the texture only exposes a multitude of imperfections and faults and can lead to hefty fines if your building’s fire rating is compromised.

Painting VermicuHIDE

What About Painting

A popular alternative has been to paint the existing textured ceiling. Really though, this only freshens the bad look and is expensive due to the enormous amount of paint and time required as vermiculite is extremely absorbent. Because of this, many painters simply refuse to paint vermiculite ceilings.

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