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Vermiculite Ceiling Removal

What is Vermiculite?

The vermiculite (the stuff that looks like popcorn) has extremely good fire retardant properties and also proves beneficial in dulling sound transfer.

It is still used extensively in applications that require fire ratings.

For this reason, most local councils require that the vermiculite remain on the ceiling so as to not compromise the fire rating of the building. Scraping it off and skimming it as is so often shown in online do-it-yourself videos and forums is just not an option.

For this reason, we don’t actually remove the vermiculite, rather we HIDE it using our trademarked VermicuHIDE® premium resurfacing system.

How vermiculite ceilings are removed

The above image clearly shows that the end result allows you to enjoy a smooth and modern ceiling without sacrificing sound proofing and fire rating!

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VermicuHIDE® - the premium choice!

Results that speak for themselves

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Before After

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NATA accredited

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